While headlights may not always be top of mind, it is essential that all drivers should check the condition of their headlights regularly, in order to keep the roads safe for themselves and others.

Whether you are looking for better visibility or a stylish appearance for your car, Tungsram Automotive offers you a wide range of premium lamps, which not only are road legal in the EU, but also provide better vision and additional benefits in terms of life, luminance, colour and vibration resistance.


In order to choose the ideal light bulb that is mostly suitable for your driving patterns, you should take into consideration how much you drive at night, how often you use your car outside of the city, but also how easy it is to change the light bulbs in your car, as well as which colour temperature of light is comfortable for your eyes.


For those who prefer bluish light, the Sportlight, Sportlight Ultra or the Sportlight Extreme lightbulbs from the Tungsram halogen light range would be the ideal choice. These products have a higher colour temperature compared to standard light bulbs, ensuring illumination that is better perceivable to the human eye and also providing more light on the road ahead.


 Tungsram Sportlight, with its stylish white light and a colour temperature of up to 3800K, provides up to 50% more light on the road ahead, while the intense white light of Sportlight Ultra with up to 4200K produces a crisp, bright light that is closer to daylight, offering up to 30% more light on the road.



Tungsram Sportlight Extreme halogen light has the highest road legal colour temperature in the market, with its up to 5000 Kelvin. It is an excellent choice not only for those going for a trendy and individual appearance, but also for drivers who value safety for all road users, because Sportlight Extreme produces up to 40% more illumination than its standard competitors, resulting in more thoroughly lit environment on the road.




It is well known that the human eye is more sensitive to higher temperature light – of the kind emitted by LED and xenon lamps - even at lower illumination levels, therefore the stylish and brilliant white light of Sportlight Extreme improves safety in circumstances of poor visibility, particularly when the driver is growing tired. The benefits of increasing the brightness of your vehicle’s headlights will be instantly noticeable, making driving much safer and enabling you to be able to recognize upcoming hazards earlier.


Lightbulbs in the Tungsram Sportlight range have a combination of high luminance and colour that is closer to daylight, making definition and clarity for road signs and hazards easily recognizable at greater distances compared to standard vehicle lighting. Along with increased safety benefits, this distinctive white light gives your vehicle an additional stylish and luxurious appearance.

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