More effective solutions without a reduced lifespan

In the early 90s, high pressure gas-discharge lamps (commonly known as ‘Xenon’ lamps) used in automotive lights represented a leap in quality from traditional lamps, offering many times the emitted light and lifespan of other designs.

As is the case with any safety system or replaceable part, this field is also regulated by strict legislative control. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to develop various – premium – types within the specification limits. These offer a greater value for end users than standard lamps – they primarily increase traffic safety. At the same time, however – as opposed to premium halogen types – in the case of discharge lamps, the extra advantages do not entail a reduced lifespan – the fundamental physics of these lamps allows for a degree of reliability identical to standard types.

Naturally, the premium types also adhere to regulatory demands, indicated by the “E” marking on the product.

White Xensation

Thanks to its special additives, it offers a color temperature up to 5500K, comparable to LED light sources. The human eye is more sensitive to blue light in the case of low luminance levels (see diagram), therefore White Xensation enhances safety in poor lighting conditions, particularly in the case of exhausted drivers. Furthermore, the events taking place in peripheral visual fields can be perceived more quickly. It can also be used to achieve up to 20% better illumination than standard types.

Megalight Ultra +100

Thanks to its unique additives and special manufacturing technology, it allows emitting up to 100% more light on the roads. This better than standard illumination can help perceive potential accidents at a faster rate, thus increasing safety. They also have a somewhat higher color temperature, emitting bluer light.



Spectral sensitivity curve for the human eye /V(λ)/: for organs of sight adapted /V’(λ)/ to darkness and light (in darkness, the eye is more sensitive to short wavelength – bluish – light)


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