See up to 150% more light on the road

Seeing and being seen are fundamental for the safety of road users in order to avoid the risk of a road accident. Driving in the dark can pose extra challenges for drivers, since reduced visibility can make driving at night even more difficult. It is also harder to judge the speed and distance of traffic if street or road lighting is not sufficient. Those who drive at night often, know very well how important it is to notice the sources of danger not only on the road but on the side of the road too.




Whether you are looking for better visibility or a stylish appearance for your car, Tungsram Automotive offers you a wide range of high-quality premium lamps, which not only are road legal in the EU, but based on special lamp designs they also provide better vision and additional benefits in terms of life, luminance, colour and vibration resistance.

 In order to choose the ideal light bulb that is mostly suitable for your driving patterns, you should take into consideration how much you drive at night, how often you use your car outside of the city, but also how easy it is to change the light bulbs in your car, as well as which colour temperature of light is comfortable for your eyes.




The Tungsram Premium Megalight range, - owing to its uniquely designed filament and the special coating of its light body, - offers higher luminance which allows for a better light distribution on the road, enabling safer driving by projecting more light onto the road ahead, improving visibility at night.

The brightest halogen headlight lamp in our range Tungsram Megalight Ultra +150, meets and exceeds the highest performance levels, offering safer and easier night driving together with better reflections from road markings and traffic signs. This better than standard illumination can help perceive potential accidents at a faster rate, further increasing safety.

Compared to standard lamps Tungsram Megalight Ultra +150 provides up to 150% more light on the road ahead by an optimized filament design with 100% xenon gas fill and a specialized coating system. This greater illumination combined with whiter light, results from the blue partial coating, adding maximum safety especially for fatigued drivers. The silver top of the bulb offers an attractive appearance to your car, especially for clear lens reflector headlamps.


The Tungsram Megalight Ultra +150 bulb is street legal and gives your car an attractive appearance, together with ultimate performance.

For the safety of all road users, please don’t forget to check the condition of your headlights regularly.  

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