Did you know these top advantages of automotive LED headlights?

One of the easiest safety and styling adjustments you can make on your car is as simple as changing a light bulb. Yes, upgrading your headlights, - besides numerous other advantages - can improve visibility, performance and style.

The latest Tungsram LED Retrofit Headlight lamps are designed for passionate people, looking for adventure, style and ultimate performance. With state-of-the-art technology improvements and compact design, LED lights provide you with many benefits:




Seeing and being seen are fundamental for the safety of road users in order to avoid the risk of a road accident.

Because sensitivity curve of the human eye accommodated to night vision moves to shorter wave length, it can see better using the spectrum of our LED product, increasing safety and comfort for the eye during night-time driving, when detection of signs and obstacles are more important than in daytime. In addition the new Tungsram Automotive LED lights provide up to 150% or 200% more light ahead, offering superior visibility.



Since the luminous efficacy of LED is 4-5 times better than that of halogen, LED needs less power to reach the same optical performance, resulting in less fuel consumption. A sharper and more precise beam pattern is achieved by the best possible geometrical and optical positioning for light emitting, with high colour temperature at 6000 Kelvin further increasing style and safety and also improving performance.

Furthermore, LEDs are durable and have a long lifespan, once installed, no more need for replacement results in less greenhouse gas emission.



Up to date automotive OEM grade LED chip ensures highest quality and output. Best cooling capability is achieved by one-piece double-sided copper PCB enabling much better heat transfer, together with high quality aircraft grade aluminum heat sink. Additionally, because LED is produced by a different technology the lifetime of LED bulbs is significantly longer.

As the trend towards smaller, lighter and thinner luminaires continues to grow, the new CSP technology not only helps deliver design flexibility, but also greater performance and higher lumen efficiency by effectively shortening the heat flow path and reducing the thermal resistance of the light source.

With the new generation CSP LED technology, wider and smoother beam angles are achieved by eliminating some dark areas that are at times visible with SMD LEDs. CSP technology effectively delivers the small light source with sufficient light output needed in headlights.

Good light pattern needs not only high brightness light emitting surface but also very precise positioning of it, full metal components produced by high-precision CNC machining provide best mechanical stability enabling extremely good positioning. 


When it comes to LED retrofits, aesthetics and easy installation are also important. Tungsram LED Retrofit Headlights provide a stylish look together with superior brightness, additionally they are designed to have a removable optical disc, making installation easy.


Sufficient light plays a critical role in safe driving, LED retrofit provides good visibility and conspicuity with an advantage of long operating life. When you are on the road, nothing can be more important than safety, not only should you see properly while driving, but you should also focus on being perfectly visible on the dark, foggy and rainy days by putting good, reliable light bulbs in your car*.



* Please note that due to current EU legislations, LED retrofit light bulbs can only be used off-road.

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